Founded 2014 by Andrea Escherhaus.

From living in France and Germany, traveling to Switzerland, Austria, Italy... moving from Hamburg to live in the New Forest Hampshire England.

Andrea´s recipes come from an age of inspired cooking from all over Europe, developing her own unique style in bringing traditional and modern together.andrea
















From teaching successful culinary workshops and organizing events, working with brands like FERRARI, MASERATI. Andrea uses her knowledge all gained from an early age from her grandfather Paul, a master baker and confectioner who lived in Söllhuben Bavaria.

A passion to combine the delights of fine European cooking using robust English combinations ,creates a distinctive style and flavour all of its own .

YUMMY DAYS is a micro deli style food pop up stall currently trading from Shaftesbury market on Thursdays. "2015 was a big year for us and have seen our ideas go from paper to reality, in a very short space of time we are becoming very popular".  All our seasonal products are freshly-made and free from any preservatives.

YUMMY DAYS Partyservice & Private cooking  I love to cook for all kinds of events including canape parties, lunch buffets, dinner parties, workshops, weddings, christenings, birthdays and private parties.

YUMMY DAYS Luxury tableware Shop our range of luxurious and individual tableware.